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Personnel administration

Your dedicated personnel management consultant will ensure that your employees's documents will be drawn up correctly and on time, while your company will always be in step with legislative changes and new regulations.

What do the personnel administration services offered by PAYLEX include?

  • The audit and inventory of personnel files at the client's takeover and periodically

  • Representation of the client in relation to the State Authorities

  • Counseling in the field of labor relations legislation

  • Drafting of individual employment contracts

  • Preparation of additional documents amending individual employment contracts

  • Drafting decisions to terminate individual employment contracts

  • Completing and submitting the General Register of Employees (REVISAL) in the format required by the legislation in force

  • Preparation of certificates attesting the status of employee and/or income, including bank certificates

What are the benefits offered by PAYLEX?

  • Optimize costs by outsourcing personnel administration

  • Correct and timely personnel documents

  • Representation in the relationship with the authorities

  • Eliminate routine activities from your company

  • You can get access to an intelligent data visualization platform

  • Total traceability of the document issuance process

  • You get the reports you need related to personnel

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