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PAYLEX was founded based on the experience, knowledge and studies of its team. From the very beginning, we wanted to build a company to which, if we were active in another field, we would like to outsource salary calculation and personnel administration services. We want to offer you the best quality services, to remain fully focused on the needs and wishes of your customers. We use modern management methods and cutting-edge technologies to create a stimulating environment for our clients and employees.

Our aim is that your employees receive the correct salaries and on time. Without fulfilling this mission, we believe that any other service or technology would not matter. Therefore, all the software tools and all the hardware resources we use are subordinated to this purpose.

The role of our personnel is to calculate and manage the payroll process from your company to be carried out quickly, correctly and efficiently, at the best possible cost. We make sure every day that you or your employees consider communication with us extremely valuable, our consultants offering the best solutions to the continuous challenges you have to face.




For over 20 years in HR outsourcing, with solid experience in Management, Sales and Marketing.


Passionate about the HR, with an emphasis on consulting in labor law, she leads important projects for clients from different fields.

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