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Personnel leasing

Get a flexible and qualified workforce when you need it and for as long as you need it, while we will take care of the entire administrative management process (payroll, personnel administration, occupational medicine, OSH, etc.)

What do the staff leasing services offered by PAYLEX include?

  • We check the competences and abilities of the candidates

  • We build the retention plan, so that people stay as long as possible in the company

  • For each employed person, we fulfill all the formalities required by the laws in force

  • We take care of all payroll and personnel administration services necessary for employees

  • Paying salaries, issuing salary slips and accounting notes, preparing and submitting the single declaration 112 and declaration 205

  • Administration and release of personnel documents

  • Registration of changes in Revisal

What are the benefits offered by PAYLEX?

  • You optimize costs through staff leasing

  • You get a flexible and qualified workforce

  • You ensure that you outsource payroll and personnel administration activities for temporary employees

  • You optimize the head-count

  • You can get access to an intelligent data visualization platform

  • Total traceability of the entire process

  • You get the reports you need related to temporary employees

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