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Outsourced salary calculation

Your dedicated salary calculation consultant will ensure that the salaries of your employees will be calculated correctly and on time, while your company will always be in step with legislative changes and new regulations.

What do the salary calculation services offered by PAYLEX include?

  • Counseling in the field of salary legislation

  • Monthly issuance of the payment statement and the tax centralizer

  • Monthly issuance of secure individual payslips (flyers) and viewing in the self-service portal/printing in bank PIN type format/sending in .pdf format by email with password

  • The monthly issuance of the electronic payment file for the bank where your company has an account for the payment of salaries. When you pay the salaries, you will only have to import this file into your e-banking application and validate the payment or give us new access to do this

  • Monthly issuance of the accounting note (distribution of salary expenses by cost centers) in a format specific to your financial-accounting application

  • Issuance and monthly submission of the Single Declaration 112

  • Issuance of monthly/quarterly/annual internal salary reports (Ex.: medical leaves, rest leaves, net/gross/cost to the company, etc.) agreed through the implementation procedures

  • Issuance of monthly/quarterly/annual statistical reports required by the National Institute of Statistics

  • The annual issuance of Declaration 205 according to the legislation in force

What are the benefits offered by PAYLEX?

  • Optimize costs by outsourcing payroll

  • Correct salaries month after month

  • Salaries received on time month after month

  • Eliminate routine activities from your company

  • You can get access to an intelligent data visualization platform

  • Total traceability of the entire payroll process

  • You receive the reports you need related to payroll

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